Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mission Statement

Gaming in its self is not bad or wrong. Like athletics, art or music, video games are an outlet that people can go to in order to experience something different. You may enjoy music, but you do not have the money or flexibility of schedule to master playing an instrument or start a band. A game like Rock Band exist for you and your friends. You may like sports but your body is not able to keep up with your competitive nature (translation: not everyone gets to continue playing the sport they enjoy). Games like Madden, NCAA Football, NBA 2K or NHL are there for you. Gaming, like most things, can be a nice outlet or even a good way to get the family together to do something that involves interaction.

The problem lies with our nature. It is my intension in using this meager website to bring to light the wrong doings we, as a culture, have committed in idolizing games and to a much greater extent ourselves. Through this idolization of the gaming culture have, in fact, hurt the family structure in that we have wrongful ideas of what games are and should be. Once that ground work is layed, my goal is to identify the ways families can use games in a positive manner, shine a light on games (good and bad) and ultimately encourage families to focus on what matters: knowing, loving and leading families towards God.

If you are not a God fearing person, I encourage you to stick around. You may be surprised at what you hear.

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